Drunk driving accident claims life of New Orleans police dispatcher

Wrong-Way Driver

A New Orleans resident recently admitted to vehicular homicide in connection with a car accident that resulted in the death of a New Orleans police dispatcher. The victim was driving west on Interstate 610 one evening in September 2013. As she headed to work in her Camry, a motorist in a Jeep drove the wrong way on the interstate. The motorist of the wrong-way vehicle hit the victim’s car. The driver in the Jeep struck at least one other car in the incident.

The victim was a veteran of the New Orleans Police Department. After the accident, she was rushed to a local medical facility with serious injuries and broken bones. Just one day after the crash, the former dispatcher was placed on life support. She continued on life support until her organs could be harvested.

The liable motorist was criminally charged with the death of the woman injured in the Interstate 610 collision. Court records suggest that the man’s blood-alcohol content was 0.25 percent, which is more than three times the legal threshold for intoxicated driving.

After admitting to the criminal charges, the liable motorist was sentenced to several years behind bars. While the criminal system provides some measure of justice, it may not be enough for the surviving family of the fatal victim.

Drunk driving personal injury claims

Personal injury matters help assign civil liability to responsible parties. After a collision, compensation related to the accident can potentially be awarded to a victim or his or her family. A personal injury lawsuit can help hold the liable party responsible for acts of negligence.

Drunk driving personal injury claims are unique in that various parties can parties can be held responsible. For example, the drunk driver in the above story has admitted to causing the accident; however, the drinking establishment that provided the alcohol could also be responsible for the accident under Louisiana laws. If so, in addition to pursuing recovery from the responsible motorist, the surviving family of the fatal victim could attempt to retrieve compensation from other negligent parties.

Whether it is a claim for medical expenses or a wrongful death suit, it is helpful to have legal assistance in any personal injury matter. Sometimes, recovery options can be expanded to include additional parties. This creates more options for recovery after a tragic event. Of course, money will not heal the wound – emotional or physical – caused by an accident. However, financial support can aid individuals in moving forward and dealing with expenses after a life-changing event.