Traumatic brain injury victim on the road to recovery

A traumatic brain injury (“TBI”) typically results in serious complications. Individuals who sustain a TBI are often unable to actively participate in daily life or engage in activities they previously enjoyed. The Shreveport Times recently reported that a 17 year-old high school student who suffered a TBI is back home and recuperating with her family.

Student was unable to perform basic functions

The student sustained the TBI in a car accident this past January. She was recently released from a treatment facility and is now able to perform basic functions on her own.

According to The Shreveport Times, doctors had originally rated the student a 4 on the Glasgow Coma Scale. A rating of a 15 on this scale is considered normal, while a rating of a 3 is as low as you can go. The student suffered a severe diffuse axonal injury, which is comparable to a severe case of shaken baby syndrome.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, around 90 percent of individuals who suffer a severe diffuse axonal injury remain in a permanent coma. Considering this grim statistic, the student’s father calls her recovery nothing short of a miracle.

TBI is a serious public health issue

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, TBI is a serious public health issue in the United States. Many individuals who recover from a TBI still face significant challenges in the future.

A TBI is generally caused by a blow to the head that interferes with the brain’s normal function. TBI’s can be mild or severe. A mild TBI may only result in short term issues with cognitive ability, while a severe TBI may result in permanent unconsciousness or long-term mental issues.

Some of the main causes of TBI include:

The effects of TBI can be Life-Long

An individual who is dealing with the complications from a TBI is likely to experience substantial medical bills, lost wages and intense pain and suffering. Additionally, years of intensive physical and mental therapy are usually required.

An attorney familiar with personal injuries such as a TBI can be a valuable asset during this difficult time. Many personal injury attorney’s understand the life changing effects of a TBI and can help fight for all deserved compensation.