Fatal Louisiana car accident occurs in intersection

Intersections are areas known for potential motor vehicle collisions, as cars moving in different directions come to crossroads. A recent car accident that occurred in an intersection in Louisiana proved to be fatal. Victims of crashes causing personal injury or families that have lost loved ones in accidents may have the right to file civil claims. Counsel from legal professionals may be helpful as those affected look into taking action.

This fatal motor vehicle crash occurred one Friday afternoon. The driver of one car failed to stop when he reached an intersection that was marked with a stop sign. This car that had been traveling northward had passed into the intersection when a pickup truck headed east slammed into its side. 

The 26-year-old driver and the 45-year-old passenger of the vehicle that reportedly failed to stop were both killed by the impact of the collision. Officials have not reported any injury to the driver of the pickup truck. Authorities continue to investigate the factors and causes that may have led to this fatal crash.

The family of the passenger killed in this car accident may have the right to file a civil claim for his or her wrongful death. Victims of other Louisiana motor vehicle crashes may also have the right to take action and can seek assistance from legal professionals to help with the process. Claims that are successfully litigated can lead to compensation for the expenses and losses these victims have had to face as a result of the car accidents.

Source:, “Two people from Vidalia killed in traffic crash“, May 14, 2016