Louisiana man facing drunk driving charges after fatal accident

A Louisiana man is facing criminal charges for drunk driving after a fatal accident. A man died due to severe brain trauma after the tractor he was driving was struck by another vehicle. He was driving the tractor after taking part in parades in Jefferson Parish shortly before the fatal accident.

Louisiana law enforcement officials who investigated the accident determined that the driver who struck the tractor was responsible for the accident and that he was drunk at the time of the collision. After receiving treatment for minor injuries, he was then taken into police custody. The man was charged with vehicular homicide and driving while intoxicated.

The man who was killed was driving a tractor through an intersection in a group of several other tractors that had also participated in the local parades. He was thrown from the tractor upon impact. The severity of the injuries sustained in this particular accident underline the dangers of drunk driving. While the responsible driver is facing legal repercussions for his actions behind the wheel, the family members of the deceased man are left to mourn their loss.

In cases similar to this one, family members suffering a loss due to another person’s negligent act may seek compensation for that loss through a wrongful death lawsuit. While a wrongful death claim will not undo the pain and suffering felt by family members who are suffering after the unexpected death of a loved one, a successfully litigated claim may alleviate unexpected financial burdens. Those who are considering proceeding with a wrongful death claim after a fatal accident may wish to seek assistance from an experienced attorney before they attempt to navigate the legal process.

Source:, “JPSO: Marrero parade tractor driver dies; charges upgrade for alleged drunken driver“, Juan Sanchez, Feb. 9, 2015