Louisiana motorcycle crash takes rider’s life

There are numerous signs posted along Louisiana’s highways reminding drivers to be aware of motorcycles sharing the roadway. Unfortunately, it seems that no number of public awareness campaigns can stop drivers from failing to yield to motorcycles. After a recent apparent lack of awareness, a motorcycle crash in Louisiana has had heartbreaking results.

It was early one morning when a car, driven by a 23-year-old female, stopped at a stop sign. As she proceeded to turn onto the intersecting street, she allegedly did not yield to the motorcycle that was moving along that road. Her automobile traveled into the motorcycle’s path, and the two vehicles collided, according to official reports.

The impact of the crash sent the motorcyclist flying from his bike. The 22-year-old man was wearing a helmet, but he suffered a serious injury during the accident and was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. The driver of the car was not injured in the collision. Authorities continue to investigate this fatal accident, but they do not believe that alcohol or other impairment played a role.

The family members of this young man who lost his life have the right to take action on his behalf. They have the opportunity to file a civil claim for his wrongful death in this motorcycle crash, even though no charges have been filed. These claims, when successful, not only assist the family financially but also provide some emotional closure and comfort to grieving family members. For assistance with this process, victims of similar accidents in Louisiana can seek guidance from legal professionals in this field who have experience pursuing compensation in these situations.

Source:, “Motorcyclist killed on River Road in Old Jefferson after car fails to yield: State Police“, Emily Lane, Sep. 24. 2015