Truck accident in Louisiana kills bicyclist

Travelers using roadways around the world include bicyclists and pedestrians, even though they only make up a fraction of this group. Since they lack a lot of the protection that other motorists have, it is especially important for them and others to take extra precautions. A recent truck accident in Louisiana emphasizes this need for caution.

A 30-year-old man was riding his bicycle along the roadway early one morning. At the same time, a pickup truck came up behind the bicycle. The truck struck the back end of the bicycle, according to reports. The man on the bike was killed from the impact of the collision.

After the crash, the driver of the pickup fled the scene. Witness descriptions of the accident and the truck assisted officials in their search for the responsible party. When authorities found the truck, there was a dent on the front and one of the headlights had been destroyed. The pickup truck driver had been arrested by the afternoon following the accident. He is facing multiple charges, including illegal passing of a bicycle and felony hit-and-run.

The bicyclist killed in this fatal truck accident was wearing the proper headgear and had lights on both the front and back of his bike. The family members of this victim have the right to file civil claims for his wrongful death. Those pedestrians or bicyclists involved in similar car accidents in Louisiana may also have the right to take action against the parties deemed responsible. Legal professionals can provide guidance to victims trying to determine the next step in this process.

Source:, “Arrest made in fatal hit-and-run accident in Hammond“, Apr. 26, 2016