Victims can take action after fatal accident in Louisiana

Practicing defensive driving can help keep one safe while traveling along various roadways. Green traffic lights legally give a driver the right of way, yet red lights are run often enough that it may warrant looking both ways before proceeding through an intersection. A recent fatal accident in Louisiana involved two vehicles and occurred in an intersection.

This automobile collision resulted when the driver of a Chevy pickup truck allegedly slammed into the passenger side of an F-150 as it proceeded through the intersection. Witnesses reported that the light was red when the Chevy truck traveled into the intersection. There was no evidence that the driver of the Chevy attempted to stop in any manner.

Authorities quickly arrived at the scene and had to assist the driver of the F-150 in getting out of his vehicle. The 35-year-old passenger in this truck was ejected during the course of the collision and was transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance, but he was unable to overcome the injuries that he suffered. The driver that was reportedly hit suffered critical injures, while the driver of the Chevy that is said to have caused the crash sustained only minor injury. Officials have arrested this driver for vehicular homicide; he was reported to have a BAC of .12.

The intense impact of this fatal accident in Louisiana left one man dead and one critically injured. The family members of the victim that passed away have the right to file claims for his wrongful death. Furthermore, the surviving victim can file civil claims for his personal injury and other damages. If successfully litigated, these claims can provide some comfort to those affected and possible financial compensation for their losses.

Source:, “Suspected drunk driver arrested in deadly crash on Calliope St., NOPD says“, Emily Lane, Feb. 5, 2016