2 children killed in Louisiana fatal accident

Garbage, debris and other unexpected objects along the roadway can provide a serious danger to motorists as they travel. While some drivers may be able to successfully maneuver these obstacles, a chain-reaction can result from adjusting to the challenges. A recent fatal accident in Louisiana resulted after a garbage compactor fell from a truck bed.

Late one Sunday evening, as a 50-year-old man turned onto a state road, a garbage compactor fell from his truck and landed in the lanes of northbound traffic. This driver continued on his way, leaving the object impeding traffic. Soon, a 34-year-old woman struck the compactor and pulled off the street. Another driver was able to avoid the object, but pulled over to provide assistance.

The two drivers put caution triangles along the roadside to provide a warning to other drivers as they traveled. As they then attempted to move the compactor off the street, another vehicle failed to avoid the triangles and rammed into both cars and those individuals standing outside. Two children, ages 4 and 6, were killed from the impact of the crash. Four others were seriously injured and were transported to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. Authorities have reported that the driver who initially dropped the compactor was impaired behind the wheel and suspect that the driver who collided with the two vehicles along the roadway was also impaired.

Charges have been filed against the driver deemed responsible for leaving an obstruction along the road, while charges against the driver allegedly responsible for the fatal collision have not yet been reported. The victims injured in this fatal accident have the right to file civil claims for their personal injury, which may result in some financial compensation. The families of those killed also have the right to file claims for wrongful death. Victims of similar Louisiana car accidents also have the right to take action and can seek guidance from a legal professional.

Source:, “Two children dead after 4-car drunk driving crash“, Catherine Nguyen, Alicia Serrano, April 12, 2016