2 motorcycles involved in fatal Louisiana car accident

Motor vehicles offer a good deal of protection in the case of an accident, using things like air bags and seat belts to prevent injury and death. Motorcycles, however, lack these safety measures, leaving drivers more exposed. A recent car accident in Louisiana involved a motorcyclist and had heartbreaking results.

It was a Sunday evening as a 53-year-old man traveled along a roadway on his motorcycle. As he was moving, another motor vehicle slammed into him and sent him flying off. The motorcycle skidded across the road and collided with two more automobiles that were stopped at the same intersection. According to authorities, a 72-year-old woman failed to stop at a red light before striking the motorcycle.

Another motorcyclist, age 56, was injured after slamming into the side of the first automobile. He suffered critical injury and had to be transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. The drivers of the two other vehicles struck by the empty motorcycle did not suffer any injury. Officials continue to investigate the crash, although alcohol is not thought to have been a factor. Possible charges may result following a complete investigation.

The man injured in this fatal car accident has the right to file civil claims for his personal injury. Additionally, the family members of the victim that lost his life also have the right to file claims for wrongful death on his behalf. By taking action, these victims can feel some comfort in the midst of their emotional pain and suffering. Those involved in other fatal car accidents in Louisiana have many resources available to them to assist with this process.

Source:, “1 dead in 5-vehicle crash in Gretna on Sunday; 2nd motorcycle death in 1 day“, Emily Lane, Apr. 4, 2016