2 truck accident in Louisiana has fatal results

Two tractor-trailers were involved in a motor vehicle collision in Louisiana recently that also involved a pickup truck. Car accidents that involve multiple vehicles or high speeds can cause immense damage and create traffic that is backed up for miles. Victims of a truck accident or other collision may have the right to take action for the pain and suffering that they may have endured as a result.

This particular accident occurred when the pickup truck allegedly attempted to pass the two tractor-trailers that were traveling next to each other in two lanes. The driver of the truck was using the shoulder of the highway and struck one of the semi trucks as he tried to get in front of it. That impact created a chain reaction in which the first truck hit the second, which then traveled through the guardrail before falling into the water below.

The wreckage backed up traffic in the area for several hours. The man driving the truck that fell into the water was killed during the course of the crash. Authorities have arrested the man deemed responsible, who is currently facing multiple charges, including negligent homicide and felony hit and run. This motor vehicle accident continues to be investigated.

While this man is already being charged with numerous felonies, the family members of the man who lost his life also have the right to take action for his wrongful death. They can choose to file a civil claim against the responsible party in this truck accident for which they may be awarded compensation if he is proved to have been negligent. With the assistance of a professional in the legal field, these and other victims of Louisiana car accidents can find justice for theirinjuries and losses.

Source:, “Gulfport man arrested in fatal crash near La/Ms border that shut down interstate“, Nov. 5, 2015