Did aggressive driving cause your car accident?

There are many problems that plague American roadways, including texting and driving, distracted drivers and drunk driving. Aggressive driving is a serious problem that may lead to devastating car accidents, yet it does not receive the public attention merited by such a serious issue. Aggressive driving is frightening, unacceptable and may seem difficult to prove in the context of a civil claim.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), aggressive driving is defined as behavior and/or traffic violations that endanger other Louisiana drivers or property. Aggressive driving is not always synonymous with road rage, which is a blatant criminal act. Aggressive drivers may not intentionally display dangerous or malicious behavior behind the wheel, but they can be held financially liable for any damages caused by a car accident.

There are certain behaviors that can contribute to a car accident that may be considered aggressive. This includes excessive speeding, unsafe lane changes, failure to properly signal when changing lanes, following other vehicles too closely and failure to obey traffic laws. Any of these actions can cause serious damage when innocent drivers and passengers are involved in car accidents. Running a red light is considered to be one of the most dangerous, yet one of the most common, types of aggressive driving.

If you have suffered because of a car accident that was caused by an irresponsible or aggressive Louisiana driver, you have certain legal options. You could be eligible for financial compensation to cover the cost of medical expenses and other accident-related needs. An accident can be frightening and overwhelming, but you do not have to navigate the aftermath alone.

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