Car accidents cause emotional pain and suffering in Louisiana

Motor vehicle collisions can cause a great deal of damage, both physically and emotionally. The emotional pain and suffering that often accompanies a car accident often lasts longer than one would like. For victims of these crashes and their families, the effects can be life changing. A recent collision in Louisiana has left loved ones heartbroken and grieving.

The automobile accident occurred early one Saturday afternoon in mid-January. A 70-year-old man had been driving the vehicle along the roadway before he lost control. The car traveled off of the road, traveled through a ditch and came to rest after slamming into a tree. The impact of the crash had serious results.

The 88-year-old passenger in the motor vehicle was declared dead on the scene by authorities. Another occupant, 69 years old, suffered critical injuries and was transported to a nearby medical facility. Unfortunately, she was not able to overcome the injuries that she suffered. The man driving the car also had to be taken to a hospital for treatment of severe injuries, and he passed away the next day.

Officials are performing a toxicology test and continue to investigate to determine what may have caused the driver to lose control. The family members of the victims in this fatal Louisiana car accident have the right to take actions on their loved ones’ behalves. While there is nothing that can completely eradicate the emotional pain and suffering that they are experiencing, filing civil claims may give them senses of comfort during this time. With the assistance of legal professionals, these family members can learn the steps that they can take toward compensation.

Source:, “3rd person in Vernon Parish crash dies“, Melissa Gregory, Jan. 17, 2016