Cross-over car crash kills 2, leaves child critically injured

When cross-over accidents occur, it is commonly difficult to determine why the driver crossed over the median, especially when the driver does not survive the collision. A child suffered critical injuries in a recent Louisiana car crash that left two other people dead. An accident report indicates that the fatal accident occurred in Plaquemines Parish shortly after midday on a recent Monday.

The sheriff’s office reported that a 25-year-old driver and her son, age 4, were northbound on LA 23 when she crossed over into the northbound lanes. The reason for her crossing the median is yet unknown. A southbound vehicle was likely unable to avoid a collision, and the two vehicles met head-on.

A 6-year-old boy who was a passenger in the southbound vehicle reportedly suffered critical injuries, and he was rushed to a medical center. His 38-year-old father suffered no more than minor injuries. The cross-over driver and her child — who was strapped into the back seat — both lost their lives in this tragic accident. As part of the ongoing investigation, blood samples were obtained from both drivers for analysis, although authorities stated that intoxication was not suspected.

Regardless of the reason for the northbound driver to cross into the southbound lanes, negligence on her part will likely be established. The parents of the child who was critically injured in this car crash will likely have to face high medical expenses, and they may even have to pay for ongoing medical treatment depending on the nature of the child’s injuries. They are entitled to pursue financial relief for medical and other documented financial losses by filing a personal injury claim in a Louisiana civil court. In cases such as this one in which the apparent negligent party dies, a civil claim is typically filed against the deceased driver’s estate.

Source:, “Mother, 4-year-old child die after head-on collision in Plaquemines“, Benjamin Alexander-Bloch, July 27, 2015