The deadly impact of texting while driving in Louisiana

Louisiana drivers are well aware of the risk of texting while driving. Despite the statistics and campaigns encouraging drivers to put down their phones, distracted driving is still one of the leading causes of car accidents. Although texting while driving is a prevalent cause of many accidents, many victims and families are unaware that they could be eligible for financial compensation after an accident.

Texting, talking on the phone or even surfing Facebook are some of the leading types of distracted driving. When the driver is engaging in these behaviors, the risk of an accident increases 23 times higher than if the driver was paying full attention to the roadway. When texting and driving results in serious injuries to others or claims the life of another motorist, the accident victim or the family of deceaaed victims may seek compensation for their financial and emotional pain and suffering.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has determined that distracted driving is the cause of approximately 18 percent of fatal accidents. During a time of grief, it is normal to feel daunted by the prospect of taking legal action against the driver party deemed responsible. In these situations, the assistance of an attorney experienced in motor vehicle accident law can be an invaluable ally. He or she can help an accident victim or the surviving family of a fatal victim determine if a claim is appropriate under the circumstances.

It is not always easy to prove that texting while driving was the main cause of an accident, but there are ways that a Louisiana family can substantiate a wrongful death claim. Through phone records, witness accounts and other types of documentation, it is possible to successfully pursue a claim for financial redress. When considering all legal options, it is best to begin with a complete case evaluation.

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