Defective auto parts lead to payout for accident victims

Defective auto parts can cause serious accidents, injuries (or worse) and life-long repercussions. Auto manufacturers have a responsibility to build safe cars and are accountable when defective auto parts affect consumer safety. GM, one of the largest auto producers in the country, is currently paying out millions of dollars to victims and families after it was revealed that a faulty ignition switch was causing serious and fatal accidents.

The lawsuits against the auto giant began after several accidents were reported, caused by the ignition malfunctioning while certain model vehicles were in use. Many of these accidents were fatal and still more resulted in serious injuries. At this point, GM has designated a fund for paying claims filed by victims. If any Louisiana reader has suffered from an ignition default accident, it is important to act quickly. A simple case evaluation can reveal if a claim may be vaible.

This major case highlights the dangers that one small defect can pose to drivers and passengers. Victims of defective car parts may never reach out for help because they assume that they do not have grounds for financial redress, or they are unsure of the circumstances of their case. After any type of car accident, victims always have the right to seek a legal opinion regarding their options for legal action.

Louisiana auto accident victims may be facing bills, therapy, missed work and other financial consequences. If an accident was caused by defective auto parts, negligence and/or reckless driving, a personal injury claim may be appropriate. The aftermath of a serious car crash can be overwhelming, but experienced legal support is available.

Source: CBS News, “Death toll from flawed GM ignition switches rises“, Feb. 23, 2015