Determining who is at fault in a Louisiana car accident

Motor vehicle collisions can leave one physically, emotionally and mentally damaged for years. The victim oftentimes loses his or her comfort and feeling of safety behind the wheel after being involved in a car accident. Those having been in a crash in Louisiana may have the right to take action for the damage that was done. With the assistance of a legal professional, these victims can learn what steps they may be able to take.

Before one party is determined to be the victim, another party must be found responsible. There are various ways that one can by deemed at fault for a motor vehicle accident, and it is possible for more than one party to be partially at fault. There are four levels of fault that can be found when one looks at common law.

Negligence occurs when a motorist fails to obey a traffic law through careless conduct. A driver can also be deemed reckless if authorities find that he or she is completely disregarding the safety of others along the roadway. Automobiles involved in accidents carrying hazardous materials may face strict liability, whether or not they are at fault. Driving under the influence is typically seen as intentional misconduct. Laws determining who pays for damages when multiple parties are at fault vary by state.

Those who believe they may have been the victim of a car accident resulting from another’s negligence, recklessness or intentional misconduct or from strict liability may have the right to file civil claims. Legal professionals in the field of personal injury can assist these victims in Louisiana in making claims. If successfully litigated, it is possible that a victim may receive some compensation for the damage that he or she suffered.

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