Other distractions are just as dangerous as texting while driving

Louisiana readers know how dangerous texting while driving can be, but there are other distractions that also place drivers at a high risk for crashes. Distractions of many kinds are a particular danger for teen drivers. Even though the percentage teens who claim to be texting while driving has decreased, it has been noted that teens are still driving while distracted regularly.

The teen driver demographic is particularly susceptible to distractions. In addition to texting, young drivers have admitted to changing clothes, completing school assignments and putting on makeup while behind the wheel. Studies have shown that seven teenagers die every day from car accident injuries. Educational campaigns have been moderately successful in reducing texting and driving, but there are other serious issues that plague Louisiana drivers.

Teenagers are not the only age group prone to distraction while on the road. Adults of all ages face the temptation of using their phone, adjusting the radio or eating while driving. When the actions of a driver harm another motorist, bicyclist or pedestrian, the responsible party may be financially liable for monetary damages and emotional pain and suffering.

When the negligence or irresponsible decisions made by other drivers cause emotional, physical or financial harm, victims will likely find it beneficial to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable legal ally. It is possible that a victim and/or his or her family could be eligible for compensation to cover the damages. Texting while driving and other distracted driving are serious problems, but those who have been harmed have certain legal options.

Source:, “Forget Texting And Driving, Teen Drivers Distract Themselves With Other Things Too“, Anthony Rivas, March 21, 2015