Elderly couple dies in tragic truck accident

Recently in Slidell, an elderly couple lost their lives after a semi truck caused a serious accident. Louisiana law enforcement believes that the crash possibly occurred because of an error committed by the truck driver. Despite the fact that they were both wearing their seat belts at the time of the crash, the husband and wife both died at the scene of the truck accident.

Louisiana law enforcement believes that the accident occurred because the truck driver failed to properly adjust his speed as he was approaching the smaller vehicle. The truck hit the back of the couple’s vehicle, the impact pushing it into the median. The semi truck overturned and blocked one lane of traffic.

The driver of the semi truck may be facing criminal charges as a result of the fatal accident. It is not believed that the driver was impaired, but there are many factors and behaviors that may have contributed to the accident. Truck drivers are particularly susceptible to driving while overtired or under pressure to meet a delivery deadline. Distraction or aggressive behavior is also a common cause of truck accidents.

It is not possible to undo the damage done by this fatal truck accident, but family of the deceased may consider taking legal action in order to recover their financial losses. A wrongful death claim allows a grieving family to hold the liable parties accountable for their actions and seek compensation for the accident-related expenses. The unexpected death of a loved one can cause turmoil and financial stress, but there is no need for a family to face these circumstances without fully understanding available legal options.

Source:, “18-wheeler overturns on I-10 in fatal crash“, June 14, 2015