Family can file claims after fatal Louisiana motorcycle accident

Car crashes can have a huge effect on the lives of those involved. Victims of a motor vehicle collision or a motorcycle accident in Louisiana may have the right to make claims for the personal injury or death they or a loved one suffered. With the assistance of a legal professional, those interested in taking action can work through the process, which may provide them with some comfort in spite of the stress or grief with which they may be dealing.

A recent collision involving a motorcycle occurred in Louisiana. An SUV being driven by a 57-year-old woman was moving through the northbound lanes of traffic as she approached an intersection. It was here that she attempted making a left turn and allegedly pulled out in front of a motorcyclist traveling the opposite direction.

The 52-year-old man flew from his motorcycle into the northbound lanes of traffic at the impact of the crash. It was then that another automobile slammed into the victim. Officials reported that this man was killed at the scene of the accident. The driver making the left turn received a citation; authorities continue to investigate the collision and the possible causes behind it.

This motorcycle accident in Louisiana resulted in the loss of one man’s life. In the midst of this heartbreak, the victim’s family members have the right to file civil claims for his wrongful death. In order for these claims to result in any compensation, professionals in this field have to prove that a driver was negligent.

Source:, “Motorcyclist killed in Ouachita Parish crash“, Nov. 13, 2015