Fatal accident caused by driver going the wrong way

Louisiana law enforcement reports that a car accident recently claimed the life of an 18-year-old driver. The deadly crash occurred as the driver of an SUV drove the wrong way down U.S. 90, causing a head-on collision with a pickup truck. The driver of the SUV sustained serious injuries in the fatal accident.

The pickup truck tried to avoid a collision by hitting the brakes, but the impact of the two vehicles was significant enough to cause debris to hit another vehicle. According to Louisiana law enforcement, the driver of the SUV is suspected of driving while impaired and may face criminal charges. Toxicology tests were done, but the results are not known at this time.

Drunk drivers often make poor decisions behind the wheel, which can include actions such as driving the wrong way down a street. With slower reaction capabilities and compromised mental acuity, intoxicated drivers threaten the health and safety of every motorist. These drivers can face legal consequences for their actions, but victims and families of those killed may have other options for recourse.

A civil claim against the at-fault driver will not undo the damage done by the fatal accident, but it can alleviate some of the financial suffering faced by the family members left behind. After an accident caused by a negligent, reckless or drunk driver, it can be beneficial to seek the opinion of a lawyer experienced in personal injury or wrongful death claims. Victims have rights and are wise to protect their rights by taking action to hold the liable driver accountable as soon as possible after an accident.