Fatal accident caused by head-on collision in Louisiana

A recent head-on motor vehicle collision in Louisiana had serious consequences for those in the automobiles. Those involved in a head-on car accident, or their family members in the case of a fatality, may have the right to take action for the pain and suffering that they are facing. Seeking assistance from a legal professional in this field can be very helpful in providing some comfort for those hurting as a result of a fatal accident.

This particular crash occurred after a pickup truck attempted to pass another vehicle while maneuvering a curve. In this no passing zone, the truck swiped the side of a utility trailer heading the opposite direction and then slammed head-on into another pickup. The collision took place late one Sunday morning.

The driver whose trailer was sideswiped did not sustain any injuries in the crash. However, the 17-year-old girl driving the second truck and the 18-year-old man allegedly responsible were both killed from the severe impact of the crash. Debris from this car accident struck and damaged another vehicle on the roadway; no one else was reported injured. According to a witness, the allegedly responsible driver was speeding before the collision occurred.

The family members of the victim that lost her life in this fatal accident have the right to file civil claims for her wrongful death. If successfully litigated, these claims may lead to possible financial compensation for the end-of-life expenses they are facing as a result. Victims of other motor vehicle collisions in Louisiana may also have the right to take action and have various resources available to them to assist with this process.

Source:, “Two are killed in head-on collision in Calcasieu“, Feb. 21, 2016