Fatal accident claims the life of a young Louisiana boy

A young boy lost his life after a tragic accident occurred while he riding a utility terrain vehicle. The driver, a 36-year-old man, was arrested for his involvement in the fatal accident. He was charged with vehicular homicide by Louisiana authorities, but he has since been released on bond.

The accident happened as the driver made a sharp turn. Due to the slippery ground, the vehicle flipped, resulting in the tragic death of the young boy. The criminal charges filed against the man could indicate that his negligent or reckless behavior may have contributed to the accident.

It is likely that this accident could have been prevented with careful and cautious driving. Readers should note that individuals who cause the wrongful death of a loved one can be held accountable for their actions even if drugs or alcohol are not involved. The family of the young boy could explore their options for a civil claim against the driver of the utility terrain vehicle, but a wrongful death claim should be supported by medical documents and other evidence. Further investigation will determine if any options exist by which they can recover some of their financial losses.

Wrongful death compensation cannot reverse the serious consequences of a fatal accident. However, a grieving Louisiana family has the right to confront the unexpected financial losses that often accompany these types of accidents. Funeral costs, the expense of emergency medical care and even emotional trauma could be compensated. After the loss of a loved one, it is best to seek legal counsel as soon as possible, as a qualified legal ally can provide needed guidance during a difficult time.

Source:, “Boy killed in utility terrain vehicle accident“, July 6, 2015