Fatal car accident in Louisiana leaves families grieving

Motor vehicle collisions can occur at any time and involve a single car or several. One recentcar accident in Louisiana involved three separate vehicles and happened early one morning. The results of this crash were severe and have left multiple families heartbroken. The surviving victims of motor vehicle accidents like this one may have the right to take legal action.

An automobile carrying three occupants was traveling along a Louisiana roadway in the westbound lanes before crossing over the dividing line and impeding the flow of opposing traffic. While moving in the eastbound lanes, this car struck a pickup truck and then slammed into a tractor-trailer. The impact of the collision was severe.

Authorities have reported that the three occupants in the first vehicle were killed during the course of the accident. They were all under 32 years old. The two people driving the other motor vehicles suffered minor injuries. Officials have not reported what factors may have played a role in this car accident, although an investigation is ongoing.

The two men injured as a result of this car accident have the right to file civil claims for the personal injuries that they suffered. Additionally, the family members of the victims who lost their lives may have the right to file civil claims for their wrongful deaths. Those victims of other Louisiana motor vehicle collisions have resources available, including legal professionals, that can help them better understand which actions they may be able to take and the potential results from successful litigation.

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