Getting through emotional pain and suffering in Louisiana crashes

On many major roadways, there is a median dividing lanes of opposing traffic. This median provides an additional measure of protection to prevent wrong-way collisions. Unfortunately, a median cannot stop all car accidents, which can result in both physical and emotional pain and suffering for the victims and their families. Such may be the case after a recent fatal crash in Louisiana.

During the mid-morning hours of one recent Friday, two vehicles were involved in a collision. One car had been traveling westbound along the roadway before the 34-year-old driver lost control. Spinning as it skidded through the median, the automobile continued into the eastbound lanes of traffic. The 22-year-old driver of a Jeep attempted to avoid colliding with the car without success. The driver’s side of the car struck the front of the Jeep.

As a result of the impact, the driver allegedly responsible for the accident was declared dead by officials. The victim driving the Jeep sustained only moderate injuries and had to be transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Authorities are investigating possible causes leading to this fatal crash. Impairment is not thought to have played a role, but toxicology tests are pending.

Although the surviving family of the deceased victim is likely reeling from this event, the victim who survived this wrong-way accident may have the right to file civil claims for her physical and emotional pain and suffering should it be determined that the other driver’s negligence caused the accident. If successfully litigated, these claims may provide the victim with some financial compensation for the expenses resulting from this fatal Louisiana accident. Taking action may also give this driver a sense of comfort as she works toward getting behind the wheel to drive again.

Source:, “Gautier man dies in I-10 wreck near Slidell“, Wesley Muller, Mar. 18, 2016