High car accident number typical over a holiday weekend

Louisiana car accident numbers typically increase over the course of a holiday weekend. To counteract this, law enforcement officers are taking steps that are intended to encourage drivers to buckle up, not drink and drive and practice caution in order to prevent a car accident. There will be a larger-than-normal number of officers on the roads, monitoring traffic and arresting those suspected of drunk driving.

Drunk drivers are a hazard to themselves and everyone else on the road. These drivers typically display dangerous behaviors that can include swerving, speeding up or slowing down erratically and running red lights. Sadly, the many individuals who suffer the consequences of this dangerous behavior are innocent drivers, passengers and even pedestrians.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stated that 40 percent of all fatal motor vehicle accidents occur over the Independence Day holiday weekend. No matter when a fatal drunk driving accident occurs, Louisiana families should note that they could be eligible for wrongful death compensation. Drunk drivers can be and are held accountable for the serious consequences of their actions.

No amount of compensation will undo the pain and grief that follow a fatal car accident. However, families are often left with an unmanageable burden of bills and financial obligations, perhaps even the lost income of the deceased. A properly navigated wrongful death claim can help a family confront their situation and potentially recoup some or all of the financial losses. Surviving family members of a fatal drunk driving accident always have the right to explore the viability of a possible civil claim.

Source:, “Law enforcement preparing for July 4th weekend“, July 1, 2015