High rate of speed may be factor in fatal Louisiana car accident

Traveling at high rates of speed, whether one is abiding by or exceeding the speed limit, can greatly increase the damage that results from a motor vehicle collision. A recent fatal car accident in New Orleans may have been caused by one driver’s decision to travel above the posted speed limit. The family of the victim in this Louisiana crash, and those in other serious automobile accidents, may have the right to take action for the damage or injury that they experienced as a result.

One Wednesday night, a Lamborghini was moving along a roadway. As the street veered to the left, the car traveled to the right, jumping a curb before slamming into a flood wall. The impact of the crash was severe, leaving debris, including a shattered windshield, at the scene of the accident. Tread marks can be seen on the roadway and scuff marks are visible on the flood wall.

Authorities pronounced the 23-year-old passenger dead at the site where the crash occurred. The 30-year-old man that had been operating the motor vehicle was injured and had to be transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Officials have not reported his condition. Other factors that may have lead to this motor vehicle accident have not yet been determined, although toxicology tests are pending.

This fatal car accident cost one young woman her life and has left her family grieving. These loved ones have the right to file a civil claim for her wrongful death. If successfully litigated, it may provide some compensation for the end of life expenses and other financial losses they are facing. Victims injured and family members of those killed in other Louisiana automobile collisions may also have the right to file claims and have many resources available, including personal injury attorneys, that can assist with the process.

Source:, “Lamborghini traveling at ‘high rate of speed’ before crash that killed passenger: NOPD“, Emily Lane, May 5, 2016