Husband killed, wife injured in Louisiana car accident

An evening accident in Louisiana had serious consequences for those involved. One motor vehicle was traveling along the roadway southbound before the automobile collision occurred. The victims of this car accident, and their family members, have the right to take action for the injury and death that they suffered. Victims of similar crashes like this one may have the opportunity to pursue claims, as well.

In this motor vehicle collision, an 82-year-old woman was driving the southbound car. During her course of travel, her car moved across the dividing lines and into the lanes of traffic moving in the opposite direction. It was then that this automobile slammed head-on into another vehicle, driver by an 83-year-old man.

Both drivers were wearing seat belts before the accident occurred; unfortunately, this was not enough to prevent injury. The two drivers suffered critical injury during the course of the crash and authorities declared them dead after arriving at the scene. The only passenger, a woman in the second vehicle, also suffered injury from the collision. She was transported by air to a nearby hospital for treatment and remains in serious condition.

Officials continue to investigate this car accident and do not believe that impairment was a cause. In spite of this, if negligence is proved, the family members of the victim killed in this motor vehicle crash have the right to file civil claims for his wrongful death. Additionally, the surviving victim can file claims for her personal injury. Those involved in similar car accidents in Louisiana may also have the right to take action and can seek assistance from legal professionals to gain a better understanding of the possible next step.

Source:, “Two dead in head on Covington collision“, Jan. 23, 2016