Lawsuit filed against law enforcement agency after car accident

A Louisiana man has filed a lawsuit against the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office after a car accident. The man alleges that one of the department’s employees caused the car accident, which resulted in pain and suffering, disability and more. The injured man is seeking compensation for his expenses associated with the crash, including loss of income and emotional duress.

The lawsuit states that the collision occurred when a police car failed to yield and made a left hand turn in front of him. The patrol car caused damage to the vehicle that the man needed for his exterminator business, which he claims affected his ability to work and make an income. The complaint states that the driver of the police car is completely to blame for the collision.

Both the Sheriff of Jefferson Parish and the police officer who was behind the wheel are named in the lawsuit. The driver is accused of failing to yield, lack of vigilance, failure to maintain a safe distance, careless driving and failure to follow the rules of the road. Every driver, including law enforcement officers, has a responsibility to other motorists. When negligence or reckless driving results in injuries or death, Louisiana residents have the right to explore their options for financial compensation.

The aftermath of a car accident can be financially devastating. This lawsuit demonstrates a possible course of action for those who have suffered because of the actions of others. It may seem daunting to consider filing a personal injury claim and navigating the associated legal process, but, with qualified assistance, an injured person may be awarded financial compensation.

Source:, “Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office sued by exterminator over car accident“, Kyle Barnett, Jan. 27, 2015