Legal professionals can help after New Orleans fatal accident

The family members of a young man in New Orleans are left to begin a new year without their loved one. A fatal accident occurred on New Year’s Day and had tragic consequences. Victims of other motor vehicle collisions that result in damage, injury or death retain the right to file civil claims for financial damages.

Apparently, the 28-year-old victim had been standing along the roadway near the corner of an intersection when he was struck. The motor vehicle was traveling westbound before colliding with the pedestrian. Incredibly, the car is said to have continued to drag the victim for approximately six miles.

Authorities reported that a black vehicle hit the victim, but they have yet to find the car or the driver. The 28-year-old victim graduated from Harvard and had been celebrating with a friend prior to the car accident. The investigation and search for the responsible party continues. Criminal charges will likely be filed once officials have found the driver that allegedly caused the crash.

This victim’s loved ones appear to have legal grounds to file civil claims for his wrongful death. If successfully litigated, these claims may result in financial compensation for the end-of-life expenses and other financial losses that they are facing in light of this fatal accident. For guidance regarding what steps they can and should take, this family — and other victims of New Orleans automobile collisions — have every right to rely upon professional assistance. Those with experience handling these types of claims  can make the process of taking action less stressful during a time when emotions are understandably high.

Source:, “Victim identified in New Year’s Day fatal hit-and-run“, Clint Durrett, Jan. 5, 2016