Louisiana fatal accident may have been caused by distraction

Driving a motor vehicle requires more attention and caution that most people may think. It is for this reason that being distracted while behind the wheel can be extremely dangerous to drivers, passengers and others on the roadways. A recent fatal accident in Louisiana may have been the cause of the wrongful death of two people and the personal injuries suffered by another.

A man was traveling east along a Louisiana interstate one Saturday evening when he is believed to have dropped something on the floorboard. As he proceeded to retrieve the object, his knee allegedly hit the steering wheel, and he lost control of the vehicle. His car then traveled across the dividing median and struck another car heading in the opposite direction. The head-on collision had an intense impact.

The driver thought to be responsible for this motor vehicle accident suffered minor injuries during the course of the crash. Tragically, the driver and backseat passenger of the second vehicle were both killed from the impact. Additionally, the passenger in the front seat suffered severe injuries and is critical condition. Charges against the driver thought to be responsible have not yet been determined but may result after a complete investigation.

While no impairment is suspected in this fatal accident, distraction may have played a large role. An alleged loss of control resulted in injury to one and the deaths of two victims. The family members of those killed have the right to file civil claims for the wrongful deaths of their loved ones. The woman injured also has the right to file a claim for her personal injury. These claims may provide those experiencing emotional pain and suffering with some comfort.

Source:, “Victims identified in fatal I-20 crash in Bossier City“, Feb. 27, 2016