Louisiana motorcycle accident takes 2 lives over the holiday

Holiday travel may present a greater danger to those on the roads, as more vehicles are out at all times of the day and night. Whether one is heading somewhere for a holiday celebration or simply going about a daily routine, it is important to be aware of the increased traffic. Those who were involved in a car, truck or motorcycle accident during the holiday weekend in Louisiana may have the right to file civil claims for damage, personal injury or even the wrongful death of a loved one.

One tragic accident that recently occurred involved two motorcycles and an 18-wheeler. The driver of the truck was traveling eastward along the roadway before attempting to execute a turn in order to head in a different direction. As the tractor trailer moved to make the left turn, it impeded the path of the two motorcyclists.

The motorcyclists were unable to avoid colliding with the truck that had entered the part of the road in which they were traveling. The driver of the 18-wheeler did not suffer any injury in this accident. Tragically, both of the motorcyclists, an uncle and his nephew, suffered fatal injuries. The coroner declared both men dead at the site of the crash.

The truck driver voluntarily submitted to a breath test, which evidenced that he was not impaired at the time the collision occurred. However, the investigation of this motorcycle accident is ongoing. The loved ones of these two victims have the right to file claims for wrongful death on their behalf against the trucker and the trucker’s employer. Those suffering serious injury in other motor vehicle crashes in Louisiana may also have the right to pursue civil claims and can seek assistance from legal professionals in moving through this process. Similarly, those who have lost a loved one in this manner may also be entitled to seek financial relief for damages sustained.

Source:, “2 killed in fatal Delcambre crash identified; state police urge safety this Thanksgiving“, Nov. 26, 2015