Man struck by a truck after exiting vehicle

A Louisiana man was recently killed along Interstate 55 after he stepped out of his parked vehicle. The man had stopped on the side of the road because he had been involved in an accident and was trying to discuss the incident with the other driver. Tragically, the fatal accident occurred as a passing truck hit the man.

Louisiana law enforcement has arrested the truck driver under suspicion of drug use. Toxicology tests were administered, but the results are not known at this time. He was officially charged with reckless operation of a vehicle and driving with a suspended license.

The truck driver could face severe legal consequences for his actions behind the wheel, including the possibility of being held financially liable for the death. The family of the deceased may consider a civil claim against the driver in order to seek recovery of financial losses associated with the unexpected death of a loved one. Medical expenses, funeral costs and other end-of-life matters can be quite expensive, and a family should not have to carry this burden alone under circumstances where the wrongdoing of another party caused the death. Fortunately, the law provides a manner by which Louisiana families can confront their frustrating situation by seeking financial relief.

A fatal accident is especially tragic when it could have been prevented. No amount of recompose will bring back a loved one, but it can ease the financial impact that an accident can have. Remaining family members can assess their options and learn how to move forward after a complete case evaluation. With a full understanding of the civil claims process, the family may choose to seek the financial recovery that is needed.

Source:, “Police ID man in fatal interstate accident“, April 6, 2015