Motorcycle accident claims the life of Metairie man

motorcycle accident has the potential to cause serious injuries, or worse. This is simply because a bike offers no protection in a collision with the steel frame of larger vehicle. A Louisiana man recently involved in a motorcycle accident passed away from injuries suffered in a crash with a larger vehicle, underscoring the responsibility of safely sharing the roads with motorcycles.

It seems that the accident occurred as the driver of the car merged onto I-10 into the same lane in which the motorcyclist was traveling.  The biker, unable to stop after the car came into the lane, hit the back of vehicle. Though he was wearing a helmet, he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Louisiana law enforcement does not suspect that alcohol played a role in the fatal accident. However, the lack of an external factor such as drugs or alcohol impairment does not diminish the driver’s potential liability for the damages caused. A careful evaluation of the case may determine that a lack of caution, failure to check mirrors or other form of negligence contributed to the fatal accident.

A motorcycle accident is often caused because other drivers fail to properly share the road, check mirrors or recognize the right of motorcycles to share the road. When these mistakes are made, they can result in devastating consequences. After this particular accident, the family of the deceased victim may be eligible for financial relief for damages sustained through a wrongful death claim against the driver. Several factors will determine the validity of a civil claim, but a case evaluation will reveal the best course of action.

Source:, “Motorcycle crashes into vehicle in Kenner; Metairie man dies from injuries“, Juan Sanchez, Jan. 4, 2015