Proving negligence in Louisiana truck accident

Motor vehicle collisions can have devastating results, especially when the vehicles involved are moving at high speeds or carrying a great deal of weight. Due to these factors, a commercial truck accident can cause a significant amount of damage or injury. Just as with all other drivers on Louisiana roads, truck drivers have the responsibility to maintain control of their tractor trailers at all times. Victims injured in collisions with 18-wheelers may have to right to pursue claims for monetary damages.

A successful claim is dependent on several factors. There must be evidence that the victim’s injuries resulted from the failure of another party to exercise reasonable care. The responsible party may be the driver of the truck and/or the company that owns the 18-wheeler. I would also be financially responsible for any damages that accrue.

If the evidence suggests that the negligence of other party caused or materially contributed the the accident, those injured can proceed with making claims for the damages incurred. The damages sought can include those that result from the spilling of the materials being carried. There are some cases, such as bad weather conditions causing a truck to jack-knife, in which the driver may not be deemed negligent. However, the law requires all drivers to operate their vehicle in accordance with prevailing weather and road conditions.

Those that have been involved in a truck accident in Louisiana may have the right to take action for the damages they have sustained. Filing claims for personal injury or for the wrongful death of a loved one are litigated in civil court. Claims that are presented successfully may provide some financial relief from the damages  incurred as a result of a crash.

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