Students learn about the danger of a drunk driving accident

A recent project undertaken by a Louisiana senior has initiated a conversation among young drivers in her community about the dangers of drunk driving and other issues. The young lady decided, as part of a school project, to research the dangers of drunk driving, distracted driving and other behind-the-wheel issues that endanger young drivers and others sharing the roadways. Along with the Louisiana State Police, the student presented her findings with hopes that they would increase awareness, change driving habits and prevent a drunk driving accident.

Along with evidence on the dangers of drunk driving, she also talked with classmates about the dangers of distracted driving. While distractions behind the wheel are not new, the rise of cell phone use among teenagers has led to an increase in accidents. Studies have found that drivers who are texting often exhibit some of the same behaviors as those demonstrated by drunk drivers.

The teenagers at this school learned how dangerous it can be to answer just one text or get behind wheel if even just slightly intoxicated. Drivers who make the decision to text or drink and drive endanger themselves, passengers and every other person in or near the road. Additionally, drivers who cause injury due to reckless or negligent behavior can be held liable for financial damages sustained by the victim, including the family of a deceased victim.

Drunk driving is a behavior that can have devastating consequences. It is hoped that this project will reduce the number of accidents and deaths associated with these dangerous behaviors. A Louisiana victim of a drunk driving accident may explore options for financial relief by seeking a complete case evaluation with a lawyer experienced in motor vehicle accident law.

Source:, “Senior project emphasizes dangers of drunk driving“, Leigh Guidry, March 17, 2015