Suspected Louisiana drunk driving accident in construction zone

Construction zones can be found along roadways in every state, as workers attempt to improve the road conditions. While these areas are often well marked and have reduced speed limits, drivers and workers alike must still exercise extra caution. A possible drunk driving accident that occurred recently in Louisiana involved four construction workers.

Early on a Saturday morning, a construction team was doing roadwork along one street. As they were working, a vehicle operated by a 23-year-old driver sideswiped a truck, which had flashing lights signaling the construction work taking place ahead. It then struck a backhoe. The vehicle then jumped two raised medians before crashing into four construction workers.

The victims were transported to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. The injuries they suffered were characterized as suffered moderate to severe. The investigation of this crash continues, though authorities report that they suspect the driver to have been under the influence at the time this accident occurred. He is currently facing multiple criminal charges, and more may be added once the investigation is complete.

Those victims that suffered injuries from this apparent drunk driving accident have the right to file civil claims with regard to their their personal injuries. If successfully litigated, these claims may lead to possible financial compensation for the medical expenses they have incurred as a result of the crash, as well as additional damages recognized by Louisiana law. Those involved in other construction or car accidents have the right to seek assistance from legal professionals in this field, who can provide additional information, guidance and support.

Source:, “4 highway workers seriously injured by suspected drunk driver“, Jed Lipinski, May 7, 2016