Does texting while driving increase chances for an accident?

Just a decade ago, distracted driving was considered a minimal problem for Louisiana drivers and other motorists across the county. With the dramatic increase in cellphone use over the last 10 years, more drivers are distracted and likely to participate in risky behavior, including texting while driving and talking on the phone. Younger drivers are more prone to this type of distraction.

While texting and driving is a significant issue, distracted driving is actually comprised of many different types of behavior. These include eating, talking to passengers, smoking and talking on the phone. In fact, one study suggested that drivers are more likely to be distracted by speaking with a passenger than by talking on the phone.

It is no surprise that cellphone use is related to many distracted driving accidents. Handling a phone while driving, even if a person is not talking on it, can increase the chances of an accident. Distraction causes a driver to have slower reaction times, process the actions of other drivers at a slower rate and display lower overall driver performance.

After a Louisiana accident that may have been caused by texting while driving, injured victims have the right to seek assistance immediately. When the crash resulted in a fatality, the deceased victim’s family may also choose to investigate their legal options. An experienced lawyer knows how to gather pertinent evidence, such as phone records, to support a personal injury or wrongful death claim. When an individual or family suffers because of the negligent or reckless actions of another party, they have the right to seek financial relief from all parties deemed responsible.

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