Update: 2 arrested following fatal accident in Louisiana

The results of a motor vehicle accident that occurred in Louisiana one Sunday night is still playing out in the lives of those involved. The victims, their families and those responsible continue to deal with what happened and the consequences that are resulting. As action is taken in this fatal accident, other victims of automobile collisions can better understand their rights.

Two fatalities, a 4-year-old and a 6-year-old, occurred as a result of this car accident. Multiple other people were injured. According to reports, two vehicles pulled off the side of the roadway after one hit and the other maneuvered around a garbage compactor that had fallen from a truck. After placing caution triangles along the road, these people attempted to remove the compactor from the street before another driver struck them.

Authorities have determined that the man who left the garbage compactor on the road was impaired behind the wheel. Additionally, the driver allegedly responsible for striking the victims and the vehicles by the roadway was also deemed to have been impaired at the time of the crash. As a result, both of these drivers have been arrested and are facing multiple charges, including vehicular homicide.

The surviving victims in this fatal accident have the right to file civil claims for their personal injury. Furthermore, those family members who lost their loved ones can file claims for their wrongful deaths. Taking this type of action can help hold the responsible party or parties accountable, provide a sense of comfort and even provide potential financial compensation for expenses that were incurred as a result of the motor vehicle accident. Victims in similar Louisiana crashes can seek the guidance of a professional to help them through the process.

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